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Cute Date Night Ideas

I'm your girl with the perfect date days & nights just for you and your S/O:

Cook or bake together: As you pair it with your favorite bottle of wine watch how the cooking seems to get a little fuzzier as it goes on. This will not only satisfy your hunger, but you guys can laugh about these memories forever.Go to an outdoors/athletic store: Be kids again together and 'try-out' what the store has to offer. You can also do this at a furniture store..etc.Stare at stars and watch airplanes:Personal favorite.Bar hop and meet new friends:Dessert before dinner: Who doesn't like breaking the rules? One of my favorite dessert bars is Swah-Rey it is located in St. Pete, Florida. SO GOOD!Volunteer at an animal shelter: Giving back to the community + spending time with your S/O = goals!Go to an art show/art gallery: P.S. Usually there is free booze at these! Downtown Fort Myers hosts art and music fest on every first and third Friday of the month.Attend a concert.Cr…

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