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A letter to sexual assault survivors

Dear survivor,
I want to start off by telling you that you are strong. Even if you do not feel that way right now you will amaze yourself with the strength you have. Secondly, I am here for you and I understand what you are going through. I want you to never feel alone. I am giving you the biggest hug ever; I hope you can feel the warmth I am sending.
It is hard; every day will have some kind of battle to face.
It will get better.
I promise.
You are a fighter.
I want you to know that it is okay to fall throughout the healing process. You will fall. This process is a forever process; each day more and more light will shine your way. Be patient, this healing will not come easy it will be slow paced. Let it be slow do not rush it, allow yourself to feel every emotion it will help your heart.
Some days you will find yourself crying in the shower asking “why me”. Go ahead I encourage you to cry in the shower the warmth of the water will calm you. The crying is good for you. I am wondering th…

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